My September #Birchbox Goodies!

Hi ladies, here’s what I got in my Birchbox this month. It felt like I waited forever to get these lovelies in the mail! This month there are 3 special box designs; I was super excited! Learn more about their awesome designs
DAWN - WIN_20140914_160140Want your own box of personalized samples? Go to! Plus, use promo code FASHION to score a special fashionista box for September.

And here's a description

And here’s a description… I also got a bonus day and night Chapstick!


Quick ‘n Easy Summer Smoothies

I know it’s the end of summer but gosh was it HOT today! It was the perfect day to blend some strawberry banana smoothies. Here’s a quick way to quench your thirst! You’ll need:

  • 1/2 cup of sliced frozen strawberries (I slice and freeze mine at least a day before or you can pick up a bag in your frozen food section)
  • 2 bananas (sliced in thirds)
  • 1/2 cup orange juice
  • 1/4 cup water

Toss everything in a blender and blend away. We get 2 full glasses from this batch. Enjoy!DAWN - WIN_20140831_190135


Sewing a Knitting Needle Roll

Hi Crafters –

As an inspiring knitter, I  discovered, like any crafting projects, there were so many supplies and materials but where would I store all of these? As a crafter yourself, you know that piles of supplies and materials can and do become a storage space nightmare. Inspired by all the different knitting needle rolls for sale and for DIY, and in particular by this tutorial, I decided to sew one myself with some variations and I’ll share them with you as well as pointers I discovered while sewing. Refer to the tutorial for the original knitting needle roll.

  1. Choose the Right Fabric. Although you can use one fabric for everything, I’d suggest using at least 2 fabrics. I used two. My second fabric complements one of the colors of my main fabric. I decided to use one large patterned fabric as my main and small patterned fabric as my secondary one. You can also use 3 fabrics – one plain fabric for the outside, one large patterned fabric for the smaller pocket and one small patterned fabric for the larger pocket.
  2. Determine your Desired Tie. Instead of using a ribbon, I decided to use my main fabric as a strap for the roll to use with the D-rings. I cut 3.5″ x 28″ to allow me to loop around the roll a couple of times and then secure it. The ribbon wasn’t sturdy enough for me. If you wanted to use ribbons instead, I’d suggest not using D-rings, instead use two ribbons – about 28″ that you can tie into a bow when you roll up the knitting needle roll.
  3. Determine the Size of the Needle Pockets. Measure and mark out the lines for stitching the needle pockets using your determined intervals. For mine, I used for the bottom pockets – 1″|1″|1″|1.5″|1.5″|1.5″|1.5″|1.5″| and for the upper pockets – 2.5″|2.5″|1″|1″|1″|1.5″|1.5″|1.5″|1.5″|1.5″|. The two 2.5″ ones, I placed above the pocket with the flap.

So, it turned out great and looked much better than the ones I’ve seen on Amazon.


Women’s Fitness Digital Magazine Mock

I was feeling inspired one evening and started working on a new concept for a digital magazine. The look I was going for was an emphasis on fitness and fashion. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those girls who gets “dressed up” to go to the gym. But, I’m definitely inspired and more motivated with the right clothes. I love the bold, neon and bright color trends you see with fitness apparel today. I drew from that when working on this idea. I’ll continue to develop it and perhaps turn it into a real digital magazine for my tablet one day!

Movie Ticket Invitation

Hey followers, take a look at my movie ticket invitations! I designed these based off old ticket stub designs for a kid’s birthday party. I had fun with these! Quick tip: If you do something similar, make sure you do what I did and hide the white semicircles in Photoshop before printing them. I didn’t know what size circle punches I would be able to find at Michael’s and I didn’t want to risk cutting the circle in the wrong spot and end up with white along the edge. After I was done, I thought the ticket stubs looked a little too conservative for a kid’s birthday invitation so I’d suggest dressing them up with a fun and colorful patterned envelope.
Until next time! D

Easter Egg Chicken Project @CampbellSoupCo #Marthasgoodeggs

Only one more day until Easter! I remember decorating eggs and doing an egg hunt at home every year when I was a kid. Those were the days of rainbow easter baskets with cello grass, easter dresses with ruffled fold over socks and mary janes. In tribute to my childhood days, I decided to resurrect a craft project I did as a kid for Martha’s Good Egg’s promo.


  • raw egg
  • fleece in red, white, and orange or yellow
  • craft googley eggs
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Campbell’s Chicken Soup can
  • straw grass
  • bias tape (optional)


  1. Drain egg by tapping bottom of egg firmly against hard surface like a kitchen counter.
  2. Using a pin, poke a hole on the bottom and slowly enlarge the hole by moving it around. I found it was best to use  chopstick to enlarge the hole and drain the egg. This will take awhile so you’ll need some patience. There are videos out there that show you some techniques on draining an egg that you might want to view before starting.
  3. Rinse the egg shell and let dry.
  4. Empty soup can contents, making sure to keep the back of the lid attached. Look for soup cans where the tab is near the front so when you pull open the lid, it will stay attached to the back of the can.
  5. Rinse the can with a little bit of soap and water, being careful not to get the outside too wet.
  6. If you have bias tape, I suggest covering the edge of the can and lid because of the sharp edges. You can also cut out a piece of fabric to cover the lid for decoration before gluing on the tape.
  7. Create the nest by wrapping the straw around your fingers so that you have a large ring. Place this over the edge of the can. If you want, you can fill the can with newspaper and place the nest on top of this. It’s not necessary though.
  8. Place your egg onto the nest. If you want, you can also glue this to the nest now or wait until after you are done decorating it.

    Now it’s time to decorate your egg! To create the pieces to glue on the egg, I just eyeballed the shapes while cutting the fleece. But, it might be easier if you draw out your shapes on paper and use these as a guide when cutting your fleece.

  9. Cut out the chicken’s comb from the red fleece and glue to the top. I sort of cut this with a concave bottom and scalloped top.
  10. Glue on the eyes. If you don’t have googley eggs, you can use black fleece or just draw on the eyes.
  11. Create the beak by cutting two triangles (with one convex side) out of the yellow/orange fleece. Glue the beak by attaching the curved side to the egg.
  12. Create the chicken’s wattle from the red fleece and glue under the beak. These looked sort of like two droopy raindrops.
  13. Lastly, cut out two white wings. These sort of look like teardrops. Glue to the sides of the egg.

That’s it! Try this project with your kids on Easter, they’ll love making their own little pet chicken. 🙂

A Look at the Branding for Cupcakes4Charity

The inspiration for my event benefiting the children’s hospital, Cupcakes4Charity, was based on the previous year’s branding by Donny Carpio. Because the sale was being held in Autumn this past year, I updated the colors to match more of a harvest feel but I wanted to make sure the colors were still fun and vibrant and in line with cupcakes and especially kids! I added a polka dot pattern and created a seal, which is reminiscent of a cupcake wrapper. I enjoyed making the advertisement materials and event decor. It was a fun break from doing interaction design and client work.

Duct Tape-Bow Pencil Case #2

Last week, I posted a tutorial on creating a duct tape bow pencil case. I decided to girly it up and add a fan bow on the front and use a red trim with the houndstooth pattern. I’m very happy with how this turned out! I also made this pencil case wider so that it ended up being 10 in. wide x 4 in. tall. The instructions are pretty close to the original but there are some differences. Check it out!


  • 1 patterned duct tape roll (I used Duck Tape brand black and white houndstooth)
  • 1 solid color duct tape roll (I used Duck Tape brand Red)
  • self-adhesive velcro dots
  • exacto knife
  • ruler
  • mat


  1. Create a 10.5 in. wide x 8.5 in. long duct tape sheet by slightly overlapping five 10.5-in. pattern strips (houndstooth). Try lining up the pattern as you go.
  2. Flip the pattern side over so the sticky side is up. Start covering the back side in the same way with the solid color duct tape (red).
  3. Cut two 10.5 in. x 1 in. strips. Place one strip over the top edge of the sheet and fold over, making sure half is on each side. Do the same with the other strip for the bottom edge.
  4. Trim the sheet so you have a straight-edge 8 x 10 in. duct tape sheet. Fold the sheet in half so that the bottom trim meets the top trim. I chose to put my pattern side on the outside of the case. You can choose whichever side you like, it’s up to you!
  5. Cut two 8.5 in. x 1 in. strips and seal the left and right sides to form a pocket. Tuck the extra .5 in of tape inside the case at the top.

    Now for the fan bow embellishment:

  6. Create an 8 in. x 3.5 in. duct tape sheet with the pattern on both sides (You’ll use four 8 in. strips total, two for each side.)
  7. Fold the sheet like a fan and secure by pinching the center and using a small piece of tape.

    Back to the pencil case:
  8. Create a 9 in. long ribbon of the solid color by folding in the edges, keeping the center sticky.
  9. Adhere the ribbon to the front leaving about 1 in. at the bottom. Flip the case over and secure the bottom part of the ribbon to the back of the case.
  10. Flip the case back to the front. Peel back the ribbon and adhere the fan bow to the center with another piece of small tape. Place the ribbon back over the case, covering the center of the fan bow.
  11. Place the velcro dot (soft side) at the bottom of the ribbon on the front side of the case.
  12. Flip the case to the back side. Cover the sticky side of the ribbon at the top with another piece of tape. Place the (comb side) velcro dot on the underside of the ribbon.


I had a lot of fun experimenting with this project and I think this would be fun to do with your kids or teens.

Happy crafting!