Stuffed Basil Pesto Chicken w/Asparagus and Hasselback Potatoes

Special just for you! I took 3 recipes and combined them to create this awesome dinner.

Cream Cheese and Pesto-stuffed Chicken Breast
Ease: 4 stars; Deliciousness: 4 stars

Okay… I admit it, I’m partial to cream cheese! I saw this recipe and it was a must for me to try. It was relatively simple to follow and the chicken turned out very tender. Inside: a creamy pesto mixture. Outside: bread crumbs w/ a sprinkling of basil for added extra flavor and a touch of Dee. It ended up complimenting the pesto well. I think I found a new love. Pesto, you complete my meals. haha. Before Simon’s closed down, I used to always order the chicken pesto panini. =)
Hasselback Potatoes
Ease: 2 stars; Deliciousness: 2 stars

My potatoes didn’t look at all like the photo on the Food Network’s site! I found that all the chicken stock dehydrated before it had a chance to soak ; I thought it was a lot of work for just potatoes–I think more work than the chicken ended up being. The potatoes needed to bake longer than the recipe called for and had to be basted periodically for about an hour. They turned out okay but I think this deserves a second try if I find myself up for it again. On another note, I have to say that my fresh peppercorn grinder rocks! ahh.. the smell of fresh pepper.

Ease: 4 stars; Deliciousness: 3 stars
I’m not sure what it is, but there’s something about asparagus that has always appealed to me. If I’m browsing a menu and I see asparagus, I most likely will order that dish. If you follow this oh-so-simple Emeril recipe, make sure you don’t use too much lemon juice, as the flavor is very strong and it causes the asparagus to yellow. I didn’t add the lemon juice and they still tasted great.

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