Handmade Lighted Christmas Tree

I made this little tree to put on my office window with a printer and cardboard box. I designed my own girlie pink/green tree in Illustrator but you can definitely draw a tree out or paint one on poster board.

tree IMG_9634b (Custom)


  • Cardboard (I used an old Crate&Barrel box)
  • Printout of Christmas tree (or you can draw/paint one on poster paper)
  • Colored lights
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Box cutter
  • Command hook & strips
  • Extension cord (optional)


  1. Cut out printout of tree
  2. Trace the printout on the cardboard and cut out.
  3. Poke holes throughout the tree for the lights.
  4. Insert some of the lights into the holes and tape the wire to the cardboard and paper.
  5. Using strips of cardboard, fold into squares to use as spacers.
  6. Glue spacers to the cardboard backing.
  7. Cut out a hole in the cardboard for the hook.
  8. Hang using the Command hook/strips.

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