Get Your Caffeine Fix with Starbucks Mocha Cupcakes


Here’s another cupcake I made for the Autumn Bake Sale. Everyone knows I’m a big fan of Starbucks so my creativity went wild when I thought of ways to create a Starbucks cupcake.

I took a coffee/chocolate cupcake recipe (using real Starbucks coffee) and baked in regular cupcake liners. After the cupcakes were cool, I peeled off the liner and placed the cupcake in a 4 oz coffee cup. I topped them with Better Creme chocolate whipped icing and sprinkled crushed oreos on top. Try mini chocolate chips, sprinkles, or chocolate shavings! I then cut Starbucks straws in half and stuck them into the cupcake for decoration.

For the logo labels, I printed two logos on a piece of paper and cut them out by measuring the coffee cups. They worked out great!

Follow my creations board on my pinterest for more of my creative ideas!

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