Pet Paintings-Guest post by @RachelFrank

Pet PaintingThis week,  I have a special guest blog post for you! I asked social media professional and talented local artist, Rachel Frank to write a post and share some of her pet paintings. She turns photos of your loving pet into a beautiful painting that you can hang in your home or office.

Check out her Etsy website to see her other artwork for sale!

Pet Painting

Christmas is just around the corner and that means it’s time to go shopping! Are you having trouble thinking of the perfect gift for that special someone  or just a dear family member or friend? Shopping for gifts can be difficult and stressful, not to mention tough on the wallet. One suggestion would be to  support your local artist on etsy. Many artists are more than happy to make custom paintings for their clients and what better a gift then to give Uncle  Ben a portrait of his beloved Fifo. Whether it’s your dog, cat, goldfish, or whatever, everyone loves their pet. So here’s to that perfect gift while supporting your local artist.



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