Glitter New Year’s Eve Party Hat, Crown, & Top Hat #freeprintable

It’s almost time to count down the new year! To help you ring in 2014, I made these printable party hats/crowns! They match the glitter wine bottle gift tags I just posted for you. Make them together as a family or with your party guests. They’re quick and easy and a fun way to wait out the night until the clock strikes midnight. Have fun!

Download PDF


  • Printer paper or thin cardstock
  • Headbands from the dollar store
  • Metallic elastic bands (optional)
  • Decorative trims: tissue paper, crepe streamers, lace trim, or other trim (optional)
  • Decorative gem stickers (optional)
  • Scissors, circle cutter (optional)
  • Glue/tape

Instructions for Party Hat:

  1. Print and cut out design.
  2. If you want to create a fringe at the top of the hat, cut out a 2-inch wide piece of tissue paper (about 5-inches long).
  3. Cut slits into the strip, leaving the bottom intact (like a comb).
  4. Roll the tissue paper up and tape to the inside top of the hat.
  5. Glue the edge of the hat over the other edge.
  6. Punch holes on each side and tie the ends of the elastic band on the inside of each hole. Alternatively, you can cut slits on the sides of the hat and slide in a headband.

You can also cut more fringe and adhering to the bottom of the party hat from the inside to create a decorative trim. Add gem stickers to add even more sparkle to your hat.

Instructions for Crown:

  1. Print and cut out design.
  2. Decorate by adding gem stickers. You can also glue tissue fringe or feathers at the top or just leave undecorated.
  3. Fold and tape each of the tabs along the headband.

Instructions for Mini Top Hat Headband:

  1. Print and cut out pieces. If you have a circle cutter, the small circle is 3 inches in diameter and the large circle is 6 inches in diameter.
  2. For the long, rectangular piece, fold the top white area behind the design. Cut slits into the white area so that the paper can be curved.
  3. Fold the bottom white area up over the design. Cut slits here as well.
  4. Glue the edges of the rectangular piece together.
  5. Place glue on the bottom white area and slide the hat rim (donut shape) through to attach.
  6. Place glue on the top white area and glue down the 3-inch circle to form the top of the hat.
  7. Add decorative pleats of tissue paper to the bottom of the top hat. You can also use lace trim or crepe streamer.
  8. Flip the hat on its top and glue the white rectangular strip across the bottom of the hat. This will hold the headband.
  9. Loop the headband over the inside of the white strip and tape to secure.

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