Monogram Gift Wrap with Washi Tape

monogramgiftsIf you are looking for a creative way to dress up a gift, try adding a monogram using cardstock, decorative washi tape, and foam squares. Wrap your gift with a solid color wrapping paper or kraft paper. Then, decorate!

Close up of the letters

For the “M”, I used precut scrap cardstock and used thin tape to “write out” an “M”. I attached it to the box by adding a border with a coordinating color. The tape I used was from Recollections. I found it easy to use and it is also repositionable so if you mess up, you can adjust it without having to rewrap your box.

For the “D”, I cut a circle out of cardstock and cut it in half. I also used foam squares to attach it to the square cardstock so that the “D” “popped up” from the box.

For the “G”, I cut two half circles from a wider washi tape. Then, I rotated one and overlapped it onto the other. I folded the cardstock so I could write a message inside and affixed it to the box.

Instead of using regular scotch tape, you can also use the washi tape to seal your wrapping paper or use it like a ribbon.

Here are some ideas for the rest of the letters of the alphabet!


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