Old Artwork-Linoleum, Kraft Paper, & Scratchboard

Today, I was cleaning out my storage closet and found some old artwork from high school. I was so excited, I had to share. One of my old colleagues used to tell me to keep everything you make even if you don’t like it. I’m glad I found these!


I based this design off a piece of fabric from my mom’s sewing desk. The assignment was to make good use of positive and negative space. I drew the design on a piece of linoleum block, carved it out, and used an ink roller to print this on paper.


This method is really creative and I think you can use it for a lot of your craft projects. I drew a design using a white crayon on kraft paper. Then, I used water color paints to add color. The crayon detracts the water color so that the white doesn’t get hidden or smudged.


For this piece, I used transfer paper to draw my blowfish underwater scene and then scraped away the black to reveal the white.

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