Cupcake Fleece Pin Cushions

Hi crafters! I hope you liked my mason jar pin cushion I posted a couple weeks ago. I’ve had this pinterest pin for a cupcake pin cushion for awhile now but I never was able to find the ramekins Care used in her project. I was so estatic when I walked into the Dollar Tree and saw them in the Valentine’s section! Later, I also found a 2-pack of cupcake containers at the 99 cents store that would also work. With these items in hand, I could finally make my own cupcake pin cushions. There are a lot of cute cupcake pin cushion tutorials out there but I like Care’s because it’s quick, easy, and cheap.


  • cupcake holder or small plastic ramekin
  • 1/8 fleece fabric (I used red for the cherry and white for the flower—Make sure you don’t use felt!)
  • 1/4 fleece fabric (I picked pink for the “frosting”)
  • polyester fiberfill
  • sewing needle/thread
  • decorative buttons (optional)
  • bugle beads (optional, I used glass silver-lined Darice multi-color bugle beads, 1/2″ x 5″)


I did slightly change the tutorial, here’s what I did…


  1. Cut a 7-inch diameter circle out of the pink fleece.
  2. With the thread knotted at one end, hand-stitch the edge of the circle. Don’t cut or knot the other end yet.
  3. Decorate by sewing on “sprinkles” or a “cherry”. To make the cherry, follow step 2 using a 2-inch diameter red circle but knot off the end. Sew the cherry on to the pink fleece. You can also try using a red pompom for the cherry.
  4. Now, stuff firmly with the fiberfill. Pull the thread tightly and knot off. Don’t cut your thread yet.
  5. Cut a piece of pink fleece larger than the size of the opening and insert. Then, take your needle that was still attached to the fleece and sew the seal on.
  6. Voila! All you have to do now is place your pin cushion onto the ramekin or cup. Care actually drills two holes into her ramekin to securely attach her pin cushion to the ramekin. I actually like just keeping the pin cushion unattached so I can place buttons and other items underneath the cushion and inside the cup.

I made a couple other versions too:


To make the flower, cut 5 quarter-size pieces of fleece and sew together. I used a little heart button for the center of the flower. For more detailed instructions, take a look at this video tutorial I based my flower off of.

I hope you found this project inspiring the way I found Care’s project. If you make your own pin cushions, please do share your photos!



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