Repurposed Wine Corks into Geo Stamps

A friend brought over a bag filled with wine corks one Saturday and suddenly, I was on a mission to find a use for them! Martha Stewart has a cute Valentine’s Day project to turn wine corks into X and O stamps. She uses them to actually stamp red X’s and O’x on cocktail napkins.

I was so inspired, I grabbed my black sharpie and exacto knife right away and started making my own. Instead of just doing X’s and O’s, I figured out a number of shapes that would be needed to create my own geo font stamp set. The shapes on the right of the photo are the ones I recommend if you want to be able to stamp letters. Some letters will require a couple of shapes.  Within an hour,  I had a set of outlined shape stamps and filled shape stamps. The cork was pretty easy to carve and now I can’t wait to find different fabrics and papers to stamp! You can create napkins, cards, name tags, custom gift wrap, canvas bags, and more.

I did a quick test using an inkpad and cardstock.


Stay tuned for what becomes of my geo stamps! What stamps will you create with your wine corks?


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