Yummy Treats for Work

It’s been a crazy first quarter at work and I finally got around to baking some treats for my team using my BRAND NEW KitchenAid! Wow, I didn’t know what I was missing out on without one. 😀 I was craving chocolate and browsed my Pinterest Board and found a recipe with my favorite sweet combo—chocolate and hazelnet. You have got to try this Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Hazelnut Bars recipe—everyone loved them! Thanks to Maria!

Brown butter chocolate chip hazelnut cookies

Instead of using a pan, I pulled out my Wilton Brownie pan that my sister-in-law gave me for Christmas last year. It worked great! If you use something similar, make sure to reduce the baking time, I left mine in for about 17 minutes instead of the 25-30 min the recipe calls for and they turned out perfect. I took them out of the pan right away and let them cool on a rack. Be sure to spray that pan thoroughly!

Wilton Brownie pan

Also, let me tell you, this was the first time I have ever browned butter and OH-EM-GEE! It smelled SO good! I also loved the taste of the sea salt on the cookies. I will definitely make these again. Since I am a big fan of hazelnut, I will probably do 1 cup of chocolate chips and 1 cup of chopped hazelnuts next time. I used Chiradelli semi-sweet chocolate chips but I would love to make a dark chocolate version. These tasted great right out of the oven too.



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