Sewing a Knitting Needle Roll

Hi Crafters –

As an inspiring knitter, I  discovered, like any crafting projects, there were so many supplies and materials but where would I store all of these? As a crafter yourself, you know that piles of supplies and materials can and do become a storage space nightmare. Inspired by all the different knitting needle rolls for sale and for DIY, and in particular by this tutorial, I decided to sew one myself with some variations and I’ll share them with you as well as pointers I discovered while sewing. Refer to the tutorial for the original knitting needle roll.

  1. Choose the Right Fabric. Although you can use one fabric for everything, I’d suggest using at least 2 fabrics. I used two. My second fabric complements one of the colors of my main fabric. I decided to use one large patterned fabric as my main and small patterned fabric as my secondary one. You can also use 3 fabrics – one plain fabric for the outside, one large patterned fabric for the smaller pocket and one small patterned fabric for the larger pocket.
  2. Determine your Desired Tie. Instead of using a ribbon, I decided to use my main fabric as a strap for the roll to use with the D-rings. I cut 3.5″ x 28″ to allow me to loop around the roll a couple of times and then secure it. The ribbon wasn’t sturdy enough for me. If you wanted to use ribbons instead, I’d suggest not using D-rings, instead use two ribbons – about 28″ that you can tie into a bow when you roll up the knitting needle roll.
  3. Determine the Size of the Needle Pockets. Measure and mark out the lines for stitching the needle pockets using your determined intervals. For mine, I used for the bottom pockets – 1″|1″|1″|1.5″|1.5″|1.5″|1.5″|1.5″| and for the upper pockets – 2.5″|2.5″|1″|1″|1″|1.5″|1.5″|1.5″|1.5″|1.5″|. The two 2.5″ ones, I placed above the pocket with the flap.

So, it turned out great and looked much better than the ones I’ve seen on Amazon.



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