Movie Ticket Invitation

Hey followers, take a look at my movie ticket invitations! I designed these based off old ticket stub designs for a kid’s birthday party. I had fun with these! Quick tip: If you do something similar, make sure you do what I did and hide the white semicircles in Photoshop before printing them. I didn’t know what size circle punches I would be able to find at Michael’s and I didn’t want to risk cutting the circle in the wrong spot and end up with white along the edge. After I was done, I thought the ticket stubs looked a little too conservative for a kid’s birthday invitation so I’d suggest dressing them up with a fun and colorful patterned envelope.
Until next time! D


Rockstar Birthday Cupcake Picks

I love making my own cupcake toppers for special events and parties. Since this little girl loves guitars and singing in her own pretend rock band, I personalized the toppers with pink and black guitars, microphones, and stars. I used pink-colored toothpicks and taped one design to the toothpick and then took the reversed design and glued it to the other piece. I also used giftwrap tissue paper to make fringe. Always save yor tissue paper! They can be used in so many projects. To glam up the cupcakes, I used silver liners and put silver crystal sprinkles along the edge of the cupcake. Pearlized silver jimmies also work great.