My September #Birchbox Goodies!

Hi ladies, here’s what I got in my Birchbox this month. It felt like I waited forever to get these lovelies in the mail! This month there are 3 special box designs; I was super excited! Learn more about their awesome designs
DAWN - WIN_20140914_160140Want your own box of personalized samples? Go to! Plus, use promo code FASHION to score a special fashionista box for September.

And here's a description

And here’s a description… I also got a bonus day and night Chapstick!


Top Rainbow Loom Projects for Valentine’s Day

As promised, here is my collection of the best Valentine’s Day Rainbow Loom projects. Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!


  1. Pair of Lips charm by Jordantine1: Check out her YouTube channel for a lot of creative loom ideas.
  2. Heart charm by Elegant Fashion 360: The girls have made so many of the projects from this channel and it’s so easy for them to follow.
  3. Made by Mommy Valentine Heart Bracelet: I love this bracelet, it’s probably my favorite of all the projects. I think your friends, daughters, classmates, (whoever!) would adore this gift. This is a favorite channel for the girls.
  4. Paging Supermom’s Bow & Arrow Free Printable Valentine: What an absolutely clever and cute idea! A great alternative to passing out candy to your kid’s classmates.
  5. Loom Love Circle of Hearts Bracelet: I actually tried to make my own rainbow loom bracelet and followed this video tutorial. It was an easy project to do! I doubled the bands to make the hearts thicker and used transparent glitter bands to make the hearts stand out. I think I did pretty good–what do you think?? 🙂
  6. Heart of the Ocean Bracelet: I was so impressed by how close this rainbow loom bracelet matched it’s picture, I had to share. Here’s a video tutorial by Justin’s Toys. I encourage you all to find your own piece jewelry to try to replicate with loom bands!
  7. Double Cross Long Heart Stripe Bracelet: Another cute bracelet idea from Jordantine1’s YouTube channel.

Find more projects on my Pinterest board, XOXO,

More Rainbow Loom Bracelets

The girls spent all day during Super Bowl Sunday making bracelets and charms during our Super Bowl party. I wanted to share some of the cute bracelets they made for me—I’m learning a lot from them about all these patterns and techniques! They are definitely not like the friendship bracelets I used to make as a kid.

Here I am wearing my pretty gifts :)

Here I am wearing my pretty gifts 🙂

I ❤ the heart bracelet and it inspired me to collect some Valentine’s Day Rainbow Loom projects for you on my pinterest board. Stay tuned for my post on the top rainbow loom projects for Valentine’s Day! I also promise to share some of the adorable charms they made. It’s amazing what some people can do with these little bands.


Duct Tape Bow Bifold Wallet

Last week, I showed you a kid’s black and white checkered duct tape belt I made. But what goes great with a belt? A matching wallet! Today, I’m going to share with you a video from Sarah Lynn that shows you how to make an easy bifold wallet. Take a look at the cute matching wallet I made with the same checkered tape below! I added a little accordian bow to the front to girlie it up. 🙂 I definitely encourage you to try and make your own.

On the left of the wallet are three credit card pockets. On the right, there is side pocket and clear pocket on top of it for an ID.  At the top, there is a pocket for your bills.

On the left of the wallet are three credit card pockets. On the right, there is side pocket and clear pocket on top of it for an ID. At the top, there is a pocket for your bills.

Here’s the video from Sarah Lynn! Thanks Sarah!

D-ring Duct Tape Belts

The girls and I stayed in all day Saturday and had a craft day so I decided to look at my pins for some easy projects they could do. They are obsessed with duct tape projects and all the different prints they come in. Duct tape is so popular with girls lately. They can make bows, belts, wallets, and more. I found this fun and easy duct tape belt for girls tutorial by Randi at (She also has one for boys!)

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • duct tape
    I used the checkered tape and gold tape from the Duck tape brand that I found at Michael’s but the blue tape was from the 99 cents store and it actually was a lot easier to use because it wasn’t as sticky and it was more ribbon-like and that made it SO easy to slide under the belt straps.  Also, a simple pattern or solid color works best unless you don’t mind the pattern not aligning.
  • pair of D-rings (2-inch rings for the wide belt, 1 1/2-rings for the skinny belt)
    It was difficult for me to find these in the sewing section at Michael’s so try Jo-ann Fabrics (about $2.50 per pair) or another fabric store. They come in silver, gold, and pewter—pick one that coordinates with your tape!
  • scissors
  • yard stick
  • craft mat
  • measuring tape or a belt for reference, pants for reference

Here’s a photo of how the checkered duct tape belt looks on!

To make the wide belt:

  1. I measured an existing belt the girls had and added a little extra like the tutorial said for folding in and sealing the ends. The girls cut two strips of this length.
    The tutorial says to use a white tape for the inside of the belt but since this shows when the belt is worn, I decided to use the same tape for both strips.
  2. I overlapped two strips of duct tape together by holding and pulling each end of one strip and laying it on top of the other.
    Pulling from the ends helps to place it down straight. You need to make sure that the overlap height would fit through the d-rings and through the belt straps of a pair of jeans. Using a craft mat works great because it prevents debris from getting on the tape while you are working and the lines help you to measure and keep things aligned.
  3. To finish off, you fold one end and tape it down. Then, at the other end, place 2 d-rings through and seal it with another piece of tape. Don’t worry to much about aligning the pattern, you’ll barely notice when it’s on!

For the skinny belt:

  1. I rolled out the same length but only cut one strip.
  2. I then folded over one edge length-wise so that the overlap would be the height of my belt.
    While folding, pull the two ends and press down at the ends first. The kids can press down every 5 inches to help while you pull the ends. Once that’s done, you can safely press down along the entire belt.
  3. After that, starting at one end, slowly fold the non-overlapping tape down to seal the top edge of the belt.
  4. Finish with the last steps looping the rings in and sealing both ends.

Trust me, this tutorial was extremely easy and the girls love their belts. Thanks Randi!

Although Duck tape brand duct tape gets expensive sometimes, ranging from $5-10 at Target and Michael’s,  you can always use a Michael’s weekly coupon or get them for a little bit cheaper at Wal-mart and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. If there is a Dollar Tree or 99 cents store near you, these generic brands work great too! I’ve also seen a pack of 6 Duck tapes at Costco for $15. I hope these tips help you when making your own duct tape belts. Happy crafting!

Cemented Nail Polish #sallyhansen

Since it’s been getting cold (as cold as it can get in California), I’ve been going dark with my nail polish. I’d definitely recommend this color/brand. It was easy to apply (3 coats) and seems to be lasting awhile. Neutrals are great because you can wear anything with it and it won’t clash with your wardrobe. When it’s a dark neutral, I like to brighten up the outfit with bold colors so I picked some for you to try. If you want, you can save the peach/aqua for a Spring/Summer look but in Southern California, it’s pretty much sunny all-year round!

Geo & Polygonal Jewelry Finds #geometric #jewelry

Polygons, shapes, geometric patterns–they are popping up everywhere in all facets of design, including fashion. Simple and clean, these accessories will add to your look and not overpower your outfit.

More Mimi&Lu Polygonal Jewelry (Toby rings, Eva Crystal bracelets)

More Mimi&Lu Polygonal Jewelry (Toby rings, Eva Crystal bracelets)

10 Creative Holiday Gifts for Him

Here it is! My 10 Creative Gift Ideas for Him list. My friends are always saying, “you’re creative, can you give me an idea on what to buy for my __(fill in the blank)__”.  I found some great ideas for you this year that will have him saying “Wait, what?!” when he unwraps his Christmas gift. These gifts are pretty cool and not your typical tie/boxers/grilling set so buckle up!


  1. For the Fisherman: You know Etsy is the place for one-of-a-kind creative products. I’m a big fan of FlashyFishDrives’s store. He turns fishing lures into USB thumb drives and packages it nicely in a tin box. This is so the perfect gift for that techie fisherman in your life.
  2. For the Sci Fi Guy: Ok, everyone knows at least one guy who is a big Star Wars fan. I have to admit when I saw this on, I was thinking I need one of these! I’ve never seen an inflatable radio control toy before. Check out the video on their site and see the little robot in action. They also sell a pretty cool R2D2 trash can.
  3. For the Sports Fan: Who knows why anyone would need a glow-in-the-dark basketball or football?! It’s just cool, that’s why. I found these at Target over the holiday weekend. Who needs an official NFL football when you can have one of these?
  4. For the Musician: Lost picks? No worries–He can make his own! Anything that let’s consumers DIY screams creative. I love this. He can get creative with different materials and upcycle those throw-aways.
  5. For ANY Man: A beer making kit. These have been around for a few years now but it never gets old–and they’re easy to find. If your man likes breweries and can tell the difference between ales, lagers, hops, I’d highly suggest this gift.
  6. For the Business Man/Entrepreneur: I first saw this product on the tv show, Shark Tank. The cologne scent is a combination of cotton, silk and linen, the main ingredients of real  U.S. dollars and it’s packed with real shredded bills. Go now and take 40% off with discount code, HOLIDAY. They have fragrances for women too!
  7. For the Car Lover: Cars and men go hand in hand. I heard about these Seat Belt Belts from my nephew when he told me he wanted one. I thought, a belt that looks like a seat belt? What? Haha. Well they DO exist! And the buckle comes in different varieties of car brand logos. Seriously. See for yourself at Tillys.
  8. For the Philanthropist: If you’re looking for a belt that is a little more sophisticated, check out the Mission Belt. This product was also featured on Shark Tank. I thought the concept was interesting and the product design really is very nice. The belt is different because it has no holes so if your waist circumference fluctuates, you don’t have to worry about wearing out holes or not having enough holes. They also give $1 from every belt toward their mission against hunger and poverty. Get 10% off for signing up for their newsletter and free shipping on orders over $50.
  9. For the Photographer: Another product from I love love love this mug design. It looks like a real camera lens but he can fill it up with his favorite roast. Just make sure he doesn’t try to put that on his actual digital SLR! They also sell a travel mug and thermos in a similar design.
  10. For the Techie-Lover: If he loves his iPad and he loves games, then he’ll love turning his iPad into a table top game. He’ll put hisiPad on this table and start challenging his buddies to the ultimate ego competition.  Sharper Image always has unique products that are great for gift-giving. If this isn’t the right gift, I’m sure you could find something else in the store.

10 Creative Holiday Gifts for Her


Over Black Friday weekend, I saw a few creative gifts that I thought would be fun to share with you. I also added some from my favorite online stores. I thought I’d start with gifts for her to help you with your holiday shopping. Check it out! (Note: Prices may vary)

  1. I saw this toaster at JcPenney. It was shiny and gorgeous! I think it’s perfect for that trendy lady in your life who loves to cook and bake and keep her kitchen stylish.
  2. Halloween ain’t over yet! There were a variety of different animal ears that you could choose from at Typo. I’ve also seen knitted ones on Something fun for your kids…
  3. Anthropologie always has cute gifts for women. I thought it was so creative to turn these tree branches into garden markers.
  4. C Wonder is just that. When you walk in, you do see wonder. Their luxe items are modern and stylish but if we are talking about creative gifts, then this cute ski goggles hat is it.
  5. If the girl in your life loves shoes and wine (what girl doesn’t), consider getting her one of these single wine bottle holders.
  6. I didn’t see this clock out at the malls but I wanted to include it because I think it’s the perfect gift for the reader. My boss’s sister bought her this gift and it now sits in her office. Cute!
  7. Fred products are known for being creative. Most are whimsical and fun. I first saw this mug at Barnes&Noble but your best bet is Amazon now. The mug handle is a diamond ring so when you hold the mug, the ring fits snuggly on your finger. The packaging is also clever as the mug is hidden and the ring is revealed to mimic a ring box.
  8. is one of my favorite stores for gifts. They have unique personalized gifts for any occasion. I picked this creative jewelry display to share with it as I’ve never seen anything like it before.
  9. I could write a whole blog post on, pages really. There are so many unique and creative gifts you can purchase on this site, many are handmade that you can’t find anywhere else. I’ve purchased necklaces like this before on Etsy and they’ve turned out great.
  10. Last but not least, I found this diamond ring USB at Kate Spade in Carlsbad, something cute for a teenager or college student.

I hope this list helps you with your holiday shopping in the next couple of weeks, enjoy!

Picki Nicki Ballerina Shoes Barrette

How cute are these little pink ballerina shoes?!? I found these at a holiday craft fair at the kid’s elementary school. These were handmade by the seller. She had so many cute barrettes and hair accessories, I had a tough time deciding what to get.


I was so inspired and impressed by her work, I even invited her to set up a booth at the holiday craft fair at my work! If you’re interested, here’s a link to her website: