Top Rainbow Loom Projects for Valentine’s Day

As promised, here is my collection of the best Valentine’s Day Rainbow Loom projects. Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!


  1. Pair of Lips charm by Jordantine1: Check out her YouTube channel for a lot of creative loom ideas.
  2. Heart charm by Elegant Fashion 360: The girls have made so many of the projects from this channel and it’s so easy for them to follow.
  3. Made by Mommy Valentine Heart Bracelet: I love this bracelet, it’s probably my favorite of all the projects. I think your friends, daughters, classmates, (whoever!) would adore this gift. This is a favorite channel for the girls.
  4. Paging Supermom’s Bow & Arrow Free Printable Valentine: What an absolutely clever and cute idea! A great alternative to passing out candy to your kid’s classmates.
  5. Loom Love Circle of Hearts Bracelet: I actually tried to make my own rainbow loom bracelet and followed this video tutorial. It was an easy project to do! I doubled the bands to make the hearts thicker and used transparent glitter bands to make the hearts stand out. I think I did pretty good–what do you think?? 🙂
  6. Heart of the Ocean Bracelet: I was so impressed by how close this rainbow loom bracelet matched it’s picture, I had to share. Here’s a video tutorial by Justin’s Toys. I encourage you all to find your own piece jewelry to try to replicate with loom bands!
  7. Double Cross Long Heart Stripe Bracelet: Another cute bracelet idea from Jordantine1’s YouTube channel.

Find more projects on my Pinterest board, XOXO,


More Rainbow Loom Bracelets

The girls spent all day during Super Bowl Sunday making bracelets and charms during our Super Bowl party. I wanted to share some of the cute bracelets they made for me—I’m learning a lot from them about all these patterns and techniques! They are definitely not like the friendship bracelets I used to make as a kid.

Here I am wearing my pretty gifts :)

Here I am wearing my pretty gifts 🙂

I ❤ the heart bracelet and it inspired me to collect some Valentine’s Day Rainbow Loom projects for you on my pinterest board. Stay tuned for my post on the top rainbow loom projects for Valentine’s Day! I also promise to share some of the adorable charms they made. It’s amazing what some people can do with these little bands.


Duct Tape Bow Bifold Wallet

Last week, I showed you a kid’s black and white checkered duct tape belt I made. But what goes great with a belt? A matching wallet! Today, I’m going to share with you a video from Sarah Lynn that shows you how to make an easy bifold wallet. Take a look at the cute matching wallet I made with the same checkered tape below! I added a little accordian bow to the front to girlie it up. 🙂 I definitely encourage you to try and make your own.

On the left of the wallet are three credit card pockets. On the right, there is side pocket and clear pocket on top of it for an ID.  At the top, there is a pocket for your bills.

On the left of the wallet are three credit card pockets. On the right, there is side pocket and clear pocket on top of it for an ID. At the top, there is a pocket for your bills.

Here’s the video from Sarah Lynn! Thanks Sarah!

D-ring Duct Tape Belts

The girls and I stayed in all day Saturday and had a craft day so I decided to look at my pins for some easy projects they could do. They are obsessed with duct tape projects and all the different prints they come in. Duct tape is so popular with girls lately. They can make bows, belts, wallets, and more. I found this fun and easy duct tape belt for girls tutorial by Randi at (She also has one for boys!)

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • duct tape
    I used the checkered tape and gold tape from the Duck tape brand that I found at Michael’s but the blue tape was from the 99 cents store and it actually was a lot easier to use because it wasn’t as sticky and it was more ribbon-like and that made it SO easy to slide under the belt straps.  Also, a simple pattern or solid color works best unless you don’t mind the pattern not aligning.
  • pair of D-rings (2-inch rings for the wide belt, 1 1/2-rings for the skinny belt)
    It was difficult for me to find these in the sewing section at Michael’s so try Jo-ann Fabrics (about $2.50 per pair) or another fabric store. They come in silver, gold, and pewter—pick one that coordinates with your tape!
  • scissors
  • yard stick
  • craft mat
  • measuring tape or a belt for reference, pants for reference

Here’s a photo of how the checkered duct tape belt looks on!

To make the wide belt:

  1. I measured an existing belt the girls had and added a little extra like the tutorial said for folding in and sealing the ends. The girls cut two strips of this length.
    The tutorial says to use a white tape for the inside of the belt but since this shows when the belt is worn, I decided to use the same tape for both strips.
  2. I overlapped two strips of duct tape together by holding and pulling each end of one strip and laying it on top of the other.
    Pulling from the ends helps to place it down straight. You need to make sure that the overlap height would fit through the d-rings and through the belt straps of a pair of jeans. Using a craft mat works great because it prevents debris from getting on the tape while you are working and the lines help you to measure and keep things aligned.
  3. To finish off, you fold one end and tape it down. Then, at the other end, place 2 d-rings through and seal it with another piece of tape. Don’t worry to much about aligning the pattern, you’ll barely notice when it’s on!

For the skinny belt:

  1. I rolled out the same length but only cut one strip.
  2. I then folded over one edge length-wise so that the overlap would be the height of my belt.
    While folding, pull the two ends and press down at the ends first. The kids can press down every 5 inches to help while you pull the ends. Once that’s done, you can safely press down along the entire belt.
  3. After that, starting at one end, slowly fold the non-overlapping tape down to seal the top edge of the belt.
  4. Finish with the last steps looping the rings in and sealing both ends.

Trust me, this tutorial was extremely easy and the girls love their belts. Thanks Randi!

Although Duck tape brand duct tape gets expensive sometimes, ranging from $5-10 at Target and Michael’s,  you can always use a Michael’s weekly coupon or get them for a little bit cheaper at Wal-mart and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. If there is a Dollar Tree or 99 cents store near you, these generic brands work great too! I’ve also seen a pack of 6 Duck tapes at Costco for $15. I hope these tips help you when making your own duct tape belts. Happy crafting!

Picki Nicki Ballerina Shoes Barrette

How cute are these little pink ballerina shoes?!? I found these at a holiday craft fair at the kid’s elementary school. These were handmade by the seller. She had so many cute barrettes and hair accessories, I had a tough time deciding what to get.


I was so inspired and impressed by her work, I even invited her to set up a booth at the holiday craft fair at my work! If you’re interested, here’s a link to her website: