My September #Birchbox Goodies!

Hi ladies, here’s what I got in my Birchbox this month. It felt like I waited forever to get these lovelies in the mail! This month there are 3 special box designs; I was super excited! Learn more about their awesome designs
DAWN - WIN_20140914_160140Want your own box of personalized samples? Go to! Plus, use promo code FASHION to score a special fashionista box for September.

And here's a description

And here’s a description… I also got a bonus day and night Chapstick!


Cemented Nail Polish #sallyhansen

Since it’s been getting cold (as cold as it can get in California), I’ve been going dark with my nail polish. I’d definitely recommend this color/brand. It was easy to apply (3 coats) and seems to be lasting awhile. Neutrals are great because you can wear anything with it and it won’t clash with your wardrobe. When it’s a dark neutral, I like to brighten up the outfit with bold colors so I picked some for you to try. If you want, you can save the peach/aqua for a Spring/Summer look but in Southern California, it’s pretty much sunny all-year round!