Top Rainbow Loom Projects for Valentine’s Day

As promised, here is my collection of the best Valentine’s Day Rainbow Loom projects. Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!


  1. Pair of Lips charm by Jordantine1: Check out her YouTube channel for a lot of creative loom ideas.
  2. Heart charm by Elegant Fashion 360: The girls have made so many of the projects from this channel and it’s so easy for them to follow.
  3. Made by Mommy Valentine Heart Bracelet: I love this bracelet, it’s probably my favorite of all the projects. I think your friends, daughters, classmates, (whoever!) would adore this gift. This is a favorite channel for the girls.
  4. Paging Supermom’s Bow & Arrow Free Printable Valentine: What an absolutely clever and cute idea! A great alternative to passing out candy to your kid’s classmates.
  5. Loom Love Circle of Hearts Bracelet: I actually tried to make my own rainbow loom bracelet and followed this video tutorial. It was an easy project to do! I doubled the bands to make the hearts thicker and used transparent glitter bands to make the hearts stand out. I think I did pretty good–what do you think?? 🙂
  6. Heart of the Ocean Bracelet: I was so impressed by how close this rainbow loom bracelet matched it’s picture, I had to share. Here’s a video tutorial by Justin’s Toys. I encourage you all to find your own piece jewelry to try to replicate with loom bands!
  7. Double Cross Long Heart Stripe Bracelet: Another cute bracelet idea from Jordantine1’s YouTube channel.

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