A Look at the Branding for Cupcakes4Charity

The inspiration for my event benefiting the children’s hospital, Cupcakes4Charity, was based on the previous year’s branding by Donny Carpio. Because the sale was being held in Autumn this past year, I updated the colors to match more of a harvest feel but I wanted to make sure the colors were still fun and vibrant and in line with cupcakes and especially kids! I added a polka dot pattern and created a seal, which is reminiscent of a cupcake wrapper. I enjoyed making the advertisement materials and event decor. It was a fun break from doing interaction design and client work.


2013 Autumn Cupcake Bake Sale for Charity-Graphic Design

This year’s annual cupcake bake sale was another success! I scheduled it the week of Halloween, hoping that customers would be looking for sweet treats for the holiday. We actually had a few people leave with a dozen cupcakes! We raised about $450 for the children’s hospital. Each year, we continue to raise more and more. I’m thankful to have great coworkers who are willing to dedicate their time and baking skills for such a worthy cause. Thank you Gabe, Margie, Mark, Cinda, Mike, Anthony, Nicole, Rey, Donny, Diego, Matt, Gayle, Renee, Oscar, Kristin, and Makenzie.

I will be posting an entry for each of the cupcakes I ended up baking for the event. Below are some photos of the handmade decor and marketing materials I designed along with free printable cupcake toppers I created. Enjoy!

Poster Design

Poster Design

Custom email design

Custom email design

cupcake banner

Banner design for table

Take Away Boxes

I printed “Thank You” labels and used double sided/removable tape for the top for easy access. Take Away boxes were free with a purchase of 4 cupcakes.


Download the free printable cupcake toppers

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