Easter Egg Chicken Project @CampbellSoupCo #Marthasgoodeggs

Only one more day until Easter! I remember decorating eggs and doing an egg hunt at home every year when I was a kid. Those were the days of rainbow easter baskets with cello grass, easter dresses with ruffled fold over socks and mary janes. In tribute to my childhood days, I decided to resurrect a craft project I did as a kid for Martha’s Good Egg’s promo.


  • raw egg
  • fleece in red, white, and orange or yellow
  • craft googley eggs
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Campbell’s Chicken Soup can
  • straw grass
  • bias tape (optional)


  1. Drain egg by tapping bottom of egg firmly against hard surface like a kitchen counter.
  2. Using a pin, poke a hole on the bottom and slowly enlarge the hole by moving it around. I found it was best to use  chopstick to enlarge the hole and drain the egg. This will take awhile so you’ll need some patience. There are videos out there that show you some techniques on draining an egg that you might want to view before starting.
  3. Rinse the egg shell and let dry.
  4. Empty soup can contents, making sure to keep the back of the lid attached. Look for soup cans where the tab is near the front so when you pull open the lid, it will stay attached to the back of the can.
  5. Rinse the can with a little bit of soap and water, being careful not to get the outside too wet.
  6. If you have bias tape, I suggest covering the edge of the can and lid because of the sharp edges. You can also cut out a piece of fabric to cover the lid for decoration before gluing on the tape.
  7. Create the nest by wrapping the straw around your fingers so that you have a large ring. Place this over the edge of the can. If you want, you can fill the can with newspaper and place the nest on top of this. It’s not necessary though.
  8. Place your egg onto the nest. If you want, you can also glue this to the nest now or wait until after you are done decorating it.

    Now it’s time to decorate your egg! To create the pieces to glue on the egg, I just eyeballed the shapes while cutting the fleece. But, it might be easier if you draw out your shapes on paper and use these as a guide when cutting your fleece.

  9. Cut out the chicken’s comb from the red fleece and glue to the top. I sort of cut this with a concave bottom and scalloped top.
  10. Glue on the eyes. If you don’t have googley eggs, you can use black fleece or just draw on the eyes.
  11. Create the beak by cutting two triangles (with one convex side) out of the yellow/orange fleece. Glue the beak by attaching the curved side to the egg.
  12. Create the chicken’s wattle from the red fleece and glue under the beak. These looked sort of like two droopy raindrops.
  13. Lastly, cut out two white wings. These sort of look like teardrops. Glue to the sides of the egg.

That’s it! Try this project with your kids on Easter, they’ll love making their own little pet chicken. 🙂