Easter Egg Chicken Project @CampbellSoupCo #Marthasgoodeggs

Only one more day until Easter! I remember decorating eggs and doing an egg hunt at home every year when I was a kid. Those were the days of rainbow easter baskets with cello grass, easter dresses with ruffled fold over socks and mary janes. In tribute to my childhood days, I decided to resurrect a craft project I did as a kid for Martha’s Good Egg’s promo.


  • raw egg
  • fleece in red, white, and orange or yellow
  • craft googley eggs
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Campbell’s Chicken Soup can
  • straw grass
  • bias tape (optional)


  1. Drain egg by tapping bottom of egg firmly against hard surface like a kitchen counter.
  2. Using a pin, poke a hole on the bottom and slowly enlarge the hole by moving it around. I found it was best to use  chopstick to enlarge the hole and drain the egg. This will take awhile so you’ll need some patience. There are videos out there that show you some techniques on draining an egg that you might want to view before starting.
  3. Rinse the egg shell and let dry.
  4. Empty soup can contents, making sure to keep the back of the lid attached. Look for soup cans where the tab is near the front so when you pull open the lid, it will stay attached to the back of the can.
  5. Rinse the can with a little bit of soap and water, being careful not to get the outside too wet.
  6. If you have bias tape, I suggest covering the edge of the can and lid because of the sharp edges. You can also cut out a piece of fabric to cover the lid for decoration before gluing on the tape.
  7. Create the nest by wrapping the straw around your fingers so that you have a large ring. Place this over the edge of the can. If you want, you can fill the can with newspaper and place the nest on top of this. It’s not necessary though.
  8. Place your egg onto the nest. If you want, you can also glue this to the nest now or wait until after you are done decorating it.

    Now it’s time to decorate your egg! To create the pieces to glue on the egg, I just eyeballed the shapes while cutting the fleece. But, it might be easier if you draw out your shapes on paper and use these as a guide when cutting your fleece.

  9. Cut out the chicken’s comb from the red fleece and glue to the top. I sort of cut this with a concave bottom and scalloped top.
  10. Glue on the eyes. If you don’t have googley eggs, you can use black fleece or just draw on the eyes.
  11. Create the beak by cutting two triangles (with one convex side) out of the yellow/orange fleece. Glue the beak by attaching the curved side to the egg.
  12. Create the chicken’s wattle from the red fleece and glue under the beak. These looked sort of like two droopy raindrops.
  13. Lastly, cut out two white wings. These sort of look like teardrops. Glue to the sides of the egg.

That’s it! Try this project with your kids on Easter, they’ll love making their own little pet chicken. 🙂


Glitter New Year’s Eve Party Hat, Crown, & Top Hat #freeprintable

It’s almost time to count down the new year! To help you ring in 2014, I made these printable party hats/crowns! They match the glitter wine bottle gift tags I just posted for you. Make them together as a family or with your party guests. They’re quick and easy and a fun way to wait out the night until the clock strikes midnight. Have fun!

Download PDF


  • Printer paper or thin cardstock
  • Headbands from the dollar store
  • Metallic elastic bands (optional)
  • Decorative trims: tissue paper, crepe streamers, lace trim, or other trim (optional)
  • Decorative gem stickers (optional)
  • Scissors, circle cutter (optional)
  • Glue/tape

Instructions for Party Hat:

  1. Print and cut out design.
  2. If you want to create a fringe at the top of the hat, cut out a 2-inch wide piece of tissue paper (about 5-inches long).
  3. Cut slits into the strip, leaving the bottom intact (like a comb).
  4. Roll the tissue paper up and tape to the inside top of the hat.
  5. Glue the edge of the hat over the other edge.
  6. Punch holes on each side and tie the ends of the elastic band on the inside of each hole. Alternatively, you can cut slits on the sides of the hat and slide in a headband.

You can also cut more fringe and adhering to the bottom of the party hat from the inside to create a decorative trim. Add gem stickers to add even more sparkle to your hat.

Instructions for Crown:

  1. Print and cut out design.
  2. Decorate by adding gem stickers. You can also glue tissue fringe or feathers at the top or just leave undecorated.
  3. Fold and tape each of the tabs along the headband.

Instructions for Mini Top Hat Headband:

  1. Print and cut out pieces. If you have a circle cutter, the small circle is 3 inches in diameter and the large circle is 6 inches in diameter.
  2. For the long, rectangular piece, fold the top white area behind the design. Cut slits into the white area so that the paper can be curved.
  3. Fold the bottom white area up over the design. Cut slits here as well.
  4. Glue the edges of the rectangular piece together.
  5. Place glue on the bottom white area and slide the hat rim (donut shape) through to attach.
  6. Place glue on the top white area and glue down the 3-inch circle to form the top of the hat.
  7. Add decorative pleats of tissue paper to the bottom of the top hat. You can also use lace trim or crepe streamer.
  8. Flip the hat on its top and glue the white rectangular strip across the bottom of the hat. This will hold the headband.
  9. Loop the headband over the inside of the white strip and tape to secure.

Creative Handmade/Homemade Gifts

The holiday season is such a fun time in our department. Check out the handmade/homemade gifts by my talented and creative coworkers!

Monogram ornament from MK

MK made these monogram ornaments for everyone in our department!

Monogram coaster by Cynde

Cynde made monogram coasters for everyone. She even selected the fabric based on our office/cubicle decor!

Hand-drawn Christmas Card from Kristin

Hand-drawn Christmas Card from Kristin-I had to take a double take at this beautiful card because I almost thought it was printed!

Homemade granola from Dana

Homemade granola from Dana

Recreate Challenge: Holiday Tree Decoration #freeprintable

Hi crafters, I hope you’re having fun decorating for the holidays. I know it’s mid-December but I wanted to squeeze in another “Recreate” project for you. I saw these at Urban Outfitters for $14. Mine ended up being less than $7. These wooden tabletop trees make great additions to your holiday decor at home, in the office, or as centerpieces. I created three tree templates for you to try out, download the template and make your own!

You'll need craft paint, craft brush, pencil, exacto knife and/or scissors

You’ll need thin craft wood ($5-9 at Michael’s, craft paint $1-2, craft brush (a small paintbrush might be easier, pencil, and scissors

1-Cut out the template and trace on thin balsa or birch craft wood. 2-Cut out two pieces. 3-Cut half way from the top on one piece and from the bottom on the other piece. 4-Make sure the cut is about the thickness of the wood. 5-Paint/decorate. 6-Assemble

1-Cut out the template and trace on thin balsa or birch craft wood. 2-Cut out two pieces. The wood should be thin enough to cut with scissors. 3-Cut half way from the top on one piece and from the bottom on the other piece. 4-Make sure the center cut is about the thickness of the wood. 5-Paint/decorate. 6-Assemble

You can create any pattern and pick any colors you like. I freehanded a chevron pattern on mine. If you don’t have craft paint, you can use metallic Sharpies, but they are not as vibrant as paint. Test the different media on scrap pieces of wood before you start decorating. You can also use decorative tape and other embellishments.

I also created a taller tree by adding another row at the bottom. I used the cap of the paint to draw circles on the wood and painted those silver and gold. I think this turned out great!

Polka Dot Tree variation

Polka Dot Tree variation

If you can’t find craft wood, you can experiment with cardboard and other materials. The possibilities are endless. That’s it for now! Have fun crafters!


Be Ready Christmas/New Years Card

Make sure your sweetheart’s lips are super soft for New Year’s Eve! I designed this holiday card with one of my favorite holiday color combos, ice blue and red. I love going outside the traditional Christmas colors. The ice blue really represents the falling snowflakes well. And I think the red brings out the romantic side of Christmas and New Year’s. I printed the front ribbon of the gift box separately, cutting and pasting it on to the front of the card. On the back side, I made sure to add a little bit of mistletoe.


Unfortunately, I can’t take credit for this fab idea, I got my inspiration from the awesome Brooklyn Limestone.

I hope this inspires you to create something sweet for your sweetheart this holiday season!

Holiday wishes from Dawn

Handmade Stamped Snowmen Holiday Cards

Hi creatives! I was at Michael’s today—believe me the parking lot was packed and the lines were crazy! I have a fun DIY project coming up but I didn’t want to keep you waiting so I searched through my archive of photos and found these handmade cards I gave away for Christmas one year to share. I was so happy to see all the creatives gearing up for Christmas today. I hope this gets your creative juices flowing and on a mission at your local craft store!

Handmade cards are such a treat to give and receive. You’ll even find mass-produced greeting cards in the store that mimic handmade cards but you can always tell when a card is truly handmade! Here are some photos of the cards:

Other versions

Other versions

I really like the quality of stamps and cardstock from Stampin’ Up. Don’t worry about having the exact stamp or supplies though. You can take any stamps you have at home and recreate this easily. If you don’t have any stamps, you could also grab some stock illustrations, type up a greeting and print them out or you can even just hand-illustrate the designs!

Here we go!


  • white cardstock, 2 other coordinating color cardstock
  • snowman stamp, greeting stamp, rolling background pattern stamp or large background stamp
  • black ink pad, opaque/transparent ink pad
  • watercolor pencils, small brush, and water
  • paper trimmer
  • double-sided tape or other adhesive
  • optional: ruler, decorative brads, scissors, bone folder/paper trimmer with scoring blade


  1. Cut cardstock into a 8.5 x 5.5 in. piece with paper trimmer (You can also measure out and use scissors instead).
  2. Fold in half and score fold with back of scissors, a bone folder, or paper trimmer scoring blade. This will make the card 5.5 x 4.25 in. (standard A2 size greeting card).
  3. Stamp the bottom half of the front of the card with the background stamp using the opaque/transparent ink pad. This will slightly darken the areas of the cardstock where the stamp was placed.
  4. Cut a strip of cardstock in another color about 5 .5 x 2.125 in.
  5. Rip along the top and bottom of the strip (longer sides).
  6. Place and adhere this strip near the top of the front of the card.
  7. Cut another strip of cardstock in another color about 5.5 x 1.75 in. and adhere over the ripped strip.
  8. Using the same color cardstock, stamp your greeting and cut out. I didn’t have any holiday greeting stamps, so I used a general greeting stamp I had on hand.
  9. Adhere your greeting to another cardstock and trim along the edges about a couple cm away from the edge of the greeting.
  10. Adhere this near the bottom of the card.
  11. Stamp your snowman on the white cardstock three times and cut out each. These should be about 1.25-1.5 in. high and 1.125 in. wide.
  12. Color in areas of the stamped image using watercolor pencils.
  13. Brush colored areas lightly with water to create a water color effect. Watercolors aren’t perfect so it’s okay if the water bleeds or flow over the lines!
  14. Adhere the snowman pieces to the card.
  15. Write a sweet message, place in an envelope and make someone’s day. Make sure to sign the back, “Handmade especially for you by ________!”

Live creatively!

#FreePrintable “Merry” Holiday Gift Tags

I’ve been working hard on a free holiday printable for you guys the past few days and now they’re finally ready for posting! I designed these gift tags with you ladies in mind. I hope you like the pink, gold, and black colors I picked. They are all centered around a “merry” theme. Simply print the PDF on cardstock, cut out, punch, and affix to your gift boxes/bags. In the photos above, you can see that I used gold baker’s twine, which I was excited to discover at Target. You can find a variety of colored twine in the scrapbook, holiday, or dollar areas at Target and Michael’s if you want the same look. You can also add your own metal eyelets to the holes for an added touch.

Happy Holidays!


Preview of the gift tags

Download PDF

12 months of Christmas/Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar

Last year, I received a cute Max Brenner chocolate gift box. Inside was an assortment of chocolates, all in individual boxes. This inspired me to create my own gift box with small gifts inside. BTW the chocolates were DELISH!


The holiday season is fast-approaching and it’s time to start making your gift list. This gift is perfect for anyone and you pick the budget! Make one for your spouse/significant other, kids, friends, and/or parents… Label it as a survival kit for a coworker or teacher for the upcoming year.

Think of this as an advent calendar that lasts all year long. Look for small trinkets for each month of the upcoming year, wrap them up, and place them all in a box. The recipient can look forward to opening a small gift the first of every month (if he/she is patient enough!) Make sure to label each gift with a month. (I made my own tags and labels.) If you think 12 months is TOO LONG, you could also do an advent calendar.

What gifts should you get? I picked items that had sentimental meaning or were related to the month I wrapped it for. Wrap chocolates for February, do cat ears for October, or pick up an ornament for December. Try a gift card, candy, lottery ticket, DVD/CD, jewelry-the options are endless! You could even let the kids help pick out small gifts at the dollar store or dollar bins at Target. If you want to to stick to food, I recommend going to World Market and getting different candies from around the world. They have a stocking stuffers area that also includes small bottles of wine, cheese, sausages, and more.

Let your creativity run wild and have fun! Be You, Be Creative.

Wrapping paper: Target (for the best coordinating gift wrap & supplies!)
Blue ribbon: Dollar Tree
Snowflake gift box: Big Lots (They have beautiful and durable gift boxes in all sizes)
Snowflake ornament: Target